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Grim Reaper's Assistant by Unkown-Ninja1 Grim Reaper's Assistant :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 2 ZDL logo by Unkown-Ninja1 ZDL logo :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 8 BACON by Unkown-Ninja1 BACON :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 5 15 Dark Summoner by Unkown-Ninja1 Dark Summoner :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 0 Fire Mistress by Unkown-Ninja1 Fire Mistress :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 4 0 TF2 Gaia Avi by Unkown-Ninja1 TF2 Gaia Avi :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 2
Tf2 story: Meeting the Team
Chapter 2: Meeting the Team
I woke up with a major headache. I sat up in the bed and began to look around the room I was in.  I saw medical instraments, beds, and cabinets filled with different types of medicine.  "Vell vell, you're finally avake." A voice said to my right. I looked over and a person dressed as a doctor stood by the bed. "You are lucky to be alive, our Soldier's shovel can cause quite some damage" He said with a smile. "Anyvay, I'm Medic, and you must be our new Scout" He said. "Um, ya, thanks and ya, I'll be your new Scout" I replied "Anyway, where am I?" "You're in the Medical ward, you lost quite a lot of blood" Medic answered. I did feel feint and there were bandages on my head so I guessed he was telling the truth. "Vell, vould you like to meet the rest of the team?" He asked me. "Um sure" I replied as I took the needles out of my arm and followed Medic out of the room and into the kitchen.
As we reached the kitchen, I noticed that there were 6
:iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 3 6
Light v L by Unkown-Ninja1 Light v L :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 2 0 Halloween Costume by Unkown-Ninja1 Halloween Costume :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 3 0
TF2 story : The new Scout
Chapter 1: The New Scout
Jenny was on her way to the Blu base in 2Fort.  "I wonder what my teammates are like" She thought to herself as the train screeched to a stop in front of the battlefield. "Well, here goes nothing" she said to herself as she got off the train and began walking to the Blu base. As she walked, she thought someone was watching her. She looked back but saw nothing, she shrugged and kept walking. Unknowingly to her, the Red Spy was watching her from the Red base. He chuckled to himself and went back inside.
As Jenny went inside the base, she thought that everyone was expecting that their new Scout would be a girl, but they never knew until the Soldier jumped out of nowhere and hit Jenny's head with a shovel.
"MAGGOT" Soldier cried as he hit the Scout with his shovel only to find out the Scout was theirs. "Oh, sorry new recrewt" he said "I thought you were the Red Scout". He waited for a reply but got none. "Come on private, get up" he said but the Scout sai
:iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 1
TF2 story: Prologue
"Haha, take that Maggot" The Red Soldier said to the dead Blu Scout. "If God had wanted you to live, he wouldn't have created ME!" Red Soldier yelled to the dead body.
"RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" the bell sounded at 5:00pm, ending the days fight. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started to return to their bases. As the Blu's were returning to their base, the Sniper noticed that Scout was missing, and started to look around.
"Hey mates, where in bloody 'ell is Scout?" Sniper asked his teammates. "He's probably taunting the Reds like he always does." the Engineer replied. "Probably, but I'm going to look for him" Sniper said as he took off to look for Scout.
Sniper looked around the battlefield but couldn't find Scout. As he was about to return to base, he saw a body on the ground a little near the water. He went to investigate and found the dead Scout. "Bloody 'ell mate, what happened to you?" Sniper said as he picked up the body and began to return to base
:iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 1 0
Random talk with blazikenking
blazikenking: You can get all 6 of Rotom's forms in HG/SS without an event
me: Nice, what about Garatina's forms?
blazikenking: Less certain, but I think you can get the gresious orb in the game
me: Awesome, I wonder if you can catch all the pokemon in the game and not certain ones for that region
blazi: Not all, there are versions exclusives and you can change deoxys the same way in D/P/PT
me: That sucks, I wish they made a game so you can go to all the regions so you can catch the pokemon
blazi: At least you can fight 16 gym leaders, then eventually battle them again as you wish. But there is no ground or dark type gym leader. The 16th has a more balanced team.
me: Aww. Well... Angry german boy has evolved into furious german man
blazi: ???
me: Bored, so I'm quoting something I saw on Youtube.
blazi: Ah, look up Foamy the Squirrel sometime on Youtube
me: Ok, well more randomness! Gravity cat not amused
blazi: Basement cat fell from ceiling
me: yo dawg, I heard you like exhibits so I
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Earth Warrior by Unkown-Ninja1 Earth Warrior :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 8 7
What could have been
'Note' This is pure randomness that my friends and I made up, and I have nothing against George Washington.
If George Washington was back from the dead, I bet that he would be a schizophrenic, and I believe this is what would happen:
"FEAR ME"! George Washington yells as he runs out of the graveyard and into the streets. Many people gasp as they see their first dead president jump through a window into a school. George then runs down the hallways into a classroom, knocks the teacher out, grabs a flag, and does the pose in the painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware". "From now on, you will all obey me" George says to the children as they get over the shock. "Now get some oars so we can sail out of here". The students moaned but did what they were told.
The students soon got their oars and began to row out of the classroom. "My arms are tired" a student cried as he scooted across the carpeted floor. "Shut up and row faster" Washington yelled to the student, "But I don't wanna" "To ba
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New Avi by Unkown-Ninja1 New Avi :iconunkown-ninja1:Unkown-Ninja1 12 5
What happened in the last 36 years was almost sad. The world had awoken what killed the dinosaurs and started the ice age.
After they turned the world into a wasteland, they went into hibernation. They waited till the world had replenished itself again so they could come out of their deep sleep so they could replenish themselves too.
Of what man had called myth had come alive. After thousands of years asleep, a drilling project had awoken the one that had started the destruction of the world all over again.
My mother's crew were the ones that had awoken him. He destroyed everything and everyone that i ever loved. But that wasn't enough for him. For them. So they took the world.
They destroyed everything in their path. They wasted the world and even London, where those horrid memories shall stay with me. Even after time has tied and forgotten, they shall stay with me.
We had almost lost all of our hope because almost everything was gone. But then one little sliver of hope came. American
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Ash Dragon by el-grimlock Ash Dragon :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 3,831 179 Silver Fenris by eirhjien Silver Fenris :iconeirhjien:eirhjien 48 14 David The Goliath Heron by NC-Photography David The Goliath Heron :iconnc-photography:NC-Photography 5 0 Freak of Nature by AprilleMae Freak of Nature :iconaprillemae:AprilleMae 2 0 Super Sailor Mars by Kururu-Pon Super Sailor Mars :iconkururu-pon:Kururu-Pon 1,182 122 Castle Age - Keira the knight by GENZOMAN Castle Age - Keira the knight :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 6,306 339 L4D2 Meme by Uberzers L4D2 Meme :iconuberzers:Uberzers 3,050 369 Hijos de daana. by el-grimlock Hijos de daana. :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 1,027 87 Mewtwo- pg 13- evo by JoshuaDunlop Mewtwo- pg 13- evo :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 173 77 Ghost of Sparta by Exileden Ghost of Sparta :iconexileden:Exileden 1,277 207 Hydra monster by velinov Hydra monster :iconvelinov:velinov 8,028 367 T.Card by Esepibe T.Card :iconesepibe:Esepibe 176 92 It's Christmas Already? by akreon It's Christmas Already? :iconakreon:akreon 998 99



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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 9:41 PM
I forgot that I had a scanner that worked, so I'll try and upload some of my pictures that I drew. Well, Summers here and I'm glad about that, but I bet in the middle of Summer Vacation, I'll be bored as heck and miss school.

Well I beat one of my friends in a versus match in Pokemon Heartgold, of course I had 5 lvl 100's and 1 lvl 90 on my team, but their lvls were reduced to lvl 50, and my friend almost beat me, but I won with my lvl 100 Kyorge which used Ice Beam on his MewTwo. I was happy then, because he beat me once when we were battling eachother with lvl 70's, I had 4 lvl 70's, he had 4 lvl 70's and 2 lvl 60's on his team; it sucked.

Well, that's all for today, I'll try to post some pictures up, hopefully I'll do it soon, if my scanner is working.

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